Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Breakfast with the Queen

Ok, we aren't actually eating with the Queen, but I'm guessing that we are eating breakfast closer to her than anyone who is reading this blog. Departure from DFW went off without a hitch. Due to the blessings of frequent flyer miles we were able to fly over to London in business class. The 9 hours goes by quickly when you can spend 2 of it eating dinner, then catch a movie, then recline the seat flat for 5 hours of decent plane sleep. We arrived in London at 7AM local time....which is like 1AM in Dallas. We were surprised to find out that we had to go back through security, even though we are just changing planes. We had to negotiate the "not as polite as they sound with their cheeky wee monkey accents" BAA (the British TSA) bag nazis. One bag per person.(nope that purse..that's a bag, no personal item here) now we have to cram everything into our one rollaboard each. Ahhh but here is the catch, that one bag has to fit in a sizer! lol!!! Quick strategy has Frederick distracting the Nazi by testing his bag in the sizer....(it just fits, with a bit of wiggling), whilst I slip on by behind him. just to get through the XRay Nazi. No loading up your tubs beforehand here. You walk up with your goodies and set up your tubs right at the entrance. Ah chit chat and a big smile....made it through here as well.

So we have 5 hours to wait till our flight to Venice. I keep sending out positive energy to the tarmac.....luggage make your way to the Venice plane!

One of the best perks of flying in Business Class is access to the BA lounge. At Gatwick it's quite spacious and comforting. As I type Alex is curled up in his Red Sox windbreaker, on a leather couch, half dozing off and half watching a WWII Battleground on his PSP. Frederick is out like a light on the chair next to me and I just got through catching up on the Red Sox post game show I TIVO'd while we were in the air. God bless the team who invented the Slingbox! Slingbox rules! Oh and yes Sox beat Spankees 7-3 ! Manny jacks a 3 run homer off of Mussina in the first and they never looked back. It's a another great day in Red Sox Nation.

I'll try and get some pics up as soon as I take some. All three of us having slept on a plane are not fit for visual blog consumption. Say your blessings that you are just reading this and not seeing us (or smelling us) right now.

Next Stop............Venice!

Love to all, Mickie

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Mom said...

What's happening? Haven't seen any new trip info for days.....