Friday, May 25, 2007

Internet Connection at Last!

We are on the ship. I never thought I'd be so happy to watch CNN in my life. We travel 1/2 way around the world and have to fall asleep to Walker Texas Ranger in Italian.

I will miss the Italian infomercials! I hate to judge a whole country on their infomercials, but whew....pretty darn gullible! LOL

We're melting ! It's so hot! It's about 15 degrees hotter than we expected. Cooking in the 90's+. And you know how I love the heat! We'll hope for cooler weather as the cruise continues. It was supposed to be just 75 to 85 degrees.
I'm breathing now. All the luggage made it from Dallas to London to Venice and to our cabin. No need to try and find clothes. Good thing, as there isn't much to be found here. It's definitely a different world. All the clothes shopping is of the Rodeo Drive variety. Lot's of tiny specialty stores...they have not been Targetafied..try to find a supermarket, you have to shop at 10 different stores just to put a meal on the table. Also, nothing is open from 2 to 7PM. It appears to work for them.
Ok...let's catch you up.........
We waited at Gatwick after arrival for 4 hours. We ventured out of the BA club in search of some lunch. Let me just say the Gatwick is in desperate need of some kind of fast food. We waited too long to go eat and assuming that we could get it done in a hour...ehhh not so much. Just sit down restaurants or pre-made sandwiches. Alex was a trooper and said he'd wait till we got to Venice.
Short 2 1/2 hour flight to Venice was easy and stunning. We flew directly over Switzerland and the Swiss Alps. We tried to capture it through the plane window but we couldn't do it justice. We just had to sing, "the hills are alive with the sound of music...........

Everything couldn't have been easier!
We landed in Venice, a quick passport stamp, no questions and then watched each bag drop off 1 by 1. Our hotel shuttle was waiting and Alex and I went off to the hotel with a few bags. Dad had to stay behind with the remaining bags and catch a cab. (no we can't travel light! )
At the the hotel, we just tried to stay was 5:30PM and we were pretty hungry, but we had to wait till 7pm for things to open. After a nice dinner at the hotel we crashed at 9:30PM.
The next morning we were up bright and early, 5AM (hey in Italy I'm a morning person!) Gotta love the time change. We were out the door by 8 and off to Venice. I've got 2 sets of pictures from this section. One section is Alex's and the other is the set that I took. Enjoy.
We'll get photos of the ship and tomorrow's sail away. We leave for Croatia tomorrow.

Having a Ball, Wish You Were Here! Mickie

Alex’s Venice Pictures

Med Cruise 07 Start and Venice

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Bob Page said...

I'm just saying that your not in Texas and the Sox are doing very well in Texas... coincidence??? hmmmm

all the pics are very cool... stay safe and have fun.

Bobby Amanda and Samantha