Thursday, July 15, 2010

Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich

Yes, we have already hit all these spots. I have my notes, I just need to write the blogs. Today is a travel day to Bastongne so I will do my best to write it all out. We are having a wonderful time and the little and big hiccups are not getting us down. "It's not life threatening."

Here's the 2 cent tour.

Budapest, beautiful, interesting post communism, not much that is isn't rebuilt after being bombed off the map in WWII, not much is authentically old. Has a persecution complex.

Vienna, Mozart, music..really amazing to walk in his footsteps, visit his grave. It made my day. Busy, beautiful city.

Mauthhausen, concentration camp. Humbling to stand in a actual gas chamber. Thanks to my Grandpapa for being part of the liberation force for this camp. He done good.

Salzburg, nice campsite, quaint little town. More Mozart, birthplace and childhood home. Beautiful cathedral..on a Tuesday afternooon stumbled on an English language Mass...had to stay.

Trip up to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Looks just like it did in Band of Brothers. Bastard had it very good for awhile.

Alps are simply stunning. No words to describe.

Munich....stopped at Oberammergau and Nieuwenstein Castle. Hopefully pics tonite.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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