Friday, July 23, 2010


Looks like Rome...nope it's on!
The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.
Salzburg from the Hohensalzburg Castle
Hohensalzburg Castle

City of Salt

My kind of town. Since I was old enough to have memory, I have craved salt. Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, Salt Lick, Table Salt, Diamond Crystal Salt and now my favorite crystal flake salt. I chalk it up to some kind of chemical imbalance. I’m never without it. You never know when you’ll need more salt.

It’s a good thing I didn’t live in the middle ages or earlier. Prior to the availability of ice and refrigeration, salt was a very valuable commodity. It was THE way to preserve food. The city of Salzburg owes its wealth to the salt mines nearby. It would be like craving gold today!

Salzburg has an impressive intact middle ages castle/fortress, which has never been attacked. It's a quaint city at the base of the Alps. It has an amazing cathedral and beautiful squares. The Prince/Archbishops who held the seat of power for many years were both sacred and secular rulers. One of them was enamored with Rome and designed much of the city and squares with fountains and such to match the eternal city. Its 16th and 17th century homes and buildings are well preserved. However, if two fortuitous events had not happened in its vicinity than its unlikely we tourists would put it on the map. The Sound of Music story begins here and much of the movie were shot here. Maria Von Trapp’s story draws many, many visitors to follow in her footsteps. I wonder how many are shocked to find out that Fraulein Maria looks more like a haggard laundress than Julie Andrews. Truly the scenery is spectacular. The movie does not do it justice. As a former Liesl one feels the need to see the famous gazebo. However, since an old woman, several years back, fell and broke something trying to skip around the inside, it has been shut down. No need to pay the $$ if I can't skip. I did get to see the hills that are alive with the sound of music and the lake.

The 2nd event and the reason for my visit is this is the birthplace of Mozart. On our 3rd day here I was able to tour the house he was born in and see the house he grew up in. I viewed his piano. So from death to birth I have made my pilgrimage to bear witness to his genius. Now, I can go home and have personal images every time I listen to Nachtmusik or Don Giovanni.

These days Salzburg treats Mozart like Orlando treats the mouse. He's a mascot. Every shop hawks its Mozart connection. I know he loves this! Mozart sings, Hey, Hey I wanna be rock star.

We arrived in Salzburg on Sunday and after moving our camper to the most advantageous location, we promptly hit the campground pool. It's hotter than hell here. one has heard of air conditioning or ice...of course people die when it hits above 90.

I take that back, they have heard of ice when it comes to filling their pools. As hot as it was outside the pool was equally as cold. It was rather small and Europeans wear speedos and have no sense of personal space. As soon as we were cooled off, we made our exit. Everyone hit the showers and we headed off by bus in to the “old town” on the correct side of the river. Not much going on for a Sunday night. We searched for a place to eat. Alex was caught by a menu hawking spaghetti and we decided to have Italian for the night. Upstairs in another ancient building we went. Again..even at 7pm this place was brutally hot.

Luckily the food was good, because the rest of the dining experience was subpar. Americans are not used to nursing their 2.50 euro 8 ounce glass of water or soda through an entire meal. Free refills..haha! Ice haha! Food coming out at the same time? Ha ha

Credit card machine working and being able to pay the bill in 20 minutes after you give them your credit card....ha ha.

Again we were dripping hot and we took the bus back to the campground. The pool closed at 8PM. We arrived at the campsite at 7:55PM. I made my way to the camper, donned my bathing suit and hit the pool in 5 minutes flat. A quick ice bath and I was human again.

An hour or so fighting the ultra slow internet and we were ready to head in for the night.

Tomorrow.....Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Alex is in bed watching the Eagle's Nest, Band of Brothers episode and is getting psyched!

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